WestWater Expands to Northern California

Sacramento, CA – WestWater Research, a leading provider of water marketing, water asset valuation, and transaction services is pleased to announce that Bryce McAteer will establish the firm’s newest location in Sacramento, California.

Prior to joining WestWater, Bryce served as the Executive Director for Eastern Tule Groundwater Sustainability Agency, an 8-member Joint Powers Authority formed to implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act within its 160,000-acre jurisdiction. Bryce previously worked as a Business Analyst at International Farming Corporation LLC, an alternative investment manager based in North Carolina focused on food and agriculture and has also held positions at Environmental Defense Fund and the Nicholas Institute where he focused on developing SGMA-facilitated groundwater markets.

Bryce McAteer stated, “I am excited to be joining the exceptional team here at WestWater Research and continuing to expand their already well-established California presence with the founding of their new Sacramento Office. California’s communities face numerous and growing water challenges, from the novel implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act to recurrent supply shortages that threaten long-term reliability. It is my pleasure to be joining alongside the expertise at WestWater as we assist clients of all sorts in successfully navigating their unique challenges and achieving their project goals.”

Bryce graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from Duke University where he earned his A.B. in Environmental Sciences and Policy. Bryce frequently serves on panels and committees addressing issues related to water resources management. During his career, Bryce has advised 40+ public agencies on water policy development.

McAteer will be responsible for new business development and project management for WestWater throughout Northern California.

Clay Landry, WestWater’s Managing Director, adds “Bryce will greatly add to our team with his extensive background in California water issues.”

Bryce can be reached at WestWater’s Sacramento Office.

500 Capitol Mall, Suite 2350

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 426-6386


Headshot of Bryce McAteer