March 2, 2017

Former US Interior Water Finance Fellow Joins WestWater Research as Operating Advisor

BOISE, Idaho – West Water Research is pleased to announce that Dr. Martin Doyle has joined the firm as an operating advisor for the Western-based water marketing and economic consulting firm. He will be assisting the firm with strategic initiatives as well as identifying and evaluating water marketing and water resource investment opportunities.

“WestWater has built their practice on empiricism-on actual data of water transactions-and that is what is desperately essential for 21st-century water markets and water infrastructure finance,” said Dr. Doyle of WestWater’s history and valuation methods.

Dr. Doyle is one of the nation’s top experts on water markets and water infrastructure finance. In 2016 Doyle was appointed a Senior Conservation Finance Fellow at the US Department of Interior’s Natural Resource Investment Center where he worked to enable water transactions throughout the western US and develop alternative finance approaches for water infrastructure, particularly infrastructure managed by the Bureau of Reclamation or the US Army Corps of Engineers.

“We are extremely pleased that Martin has chosen to partner with WestWater to continue his work in developing marketing and financing opportunities in water,” said Clay Landry, Managing Director of WestWater Research. “Martin was instrumental in the development of the Interior’s Natural Resource Investment Center. His relationships and experience will be invaluable to WestWater’s clients and consulting practice.”

Dr. Doyle is a faculty member at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment and director of the Water Policy Program at Duke’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. He has spent 15 years as an academic developing internationally recognized research programs in in-stream flows, reservoir management, aging infrastructure, and a wide variety of environmental markets from water rights to water quality to wetland and stream habitat mitigation.