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WestWater is a nationally recognized leader in valuing water assets. We believe that reliable valuations start with good market data. Our team of experienced valuation experts utilize Waterlitix™, our proprietary pricing database built over decades of transaction support. Waterlitix™ is the largest and most comprehensive water market database available today. This expansive and timely data allows us to provide dependable and accurate valuations and water right appraisals for a wide variety of water assets, including water rights, storage contracts, water resource related infrastructure and other water entitlements.

We combine our market intelligence with extensive experience working on Western water rights. Our valuations consider critical technical and legal characteristics of water entitlements, such as historic use, ownership, and local policies around transferability.

We provide comprehensive analysis and opinions of the value of a wide range of water assets in support of transactions, financing, and litigation. WestWater can help you determine the most efficient and appropriate valuation analysis that best meets your needs and objectives, and can also help clients with asset management decisions such as sales, leases, and donations.

Valuation Products Provided:

Water Rights Appraisals

Our appraisal reports provide a comprehensive review and well-supported opinion of market value that are routinely relied upon by federal, legal, or lending institutions. Water right appraisal reports include a detailed review of the subject water rights to evaluate marketability and utilize two or more valuation methods to arrive at a fair market value.

Market Consultation Report

A streamlined and high value analysis that provides summary information, price trends, and market intelligence to develop a relevant range of value for various water asset types.

Financial Modeling

Our valuation services include financial modeling to assist clients in evaluating water investment opportunities or management of water assets. We develop financial models with cost and revenue structures to accurately evaluate water project return profiles.

Litigation Support

WestWater has broad experience providing litigation support involving the valuation of economic losses, impacts on market value, and costs associated with water reallocation and damages to water resources. Legal firms throughout the United States select WestWater to provide expert witness support because of our strong reputation, technical expertise, and ability to communicate concepts of value on the witness stand.

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