January 9, 2023

Brett Bovee Named Newest WestWater Principal

Brett Bovee has been named WestWater’s newest Principal effective January 1, 2023. 

Brett joined WestWater Research in 2015 after 11 years in water resources engineering practice. He built up the Colorado office and WestWater’s presence in the intermountain region while serving as the company’s Rocky Mountain Regional Director until 2022 when he was promoted to President for WestWater Research. Recently, Brett has been assisting with many of WestWater’s California projects related to water shortages and supply acquisitions. 

Brett brings close to 20 years of experience conducting a variety of engineering, economic, and water rights studies across the Western states. Many of these projects have been focused on water resources management and water development concepts in the pursuit, protection, and utilization of water rights. Brett brings a unique perspective to projects, combining a background in water resources engineering with a developed knowledge of water rights and economics. 

Brett says he is grateful for the opportunities for professional growth he has had over the past eight years as he has been a part of the growing company.  “WestWater continues to provide a unique and critical service in the water sector and I am excited to take on the new opportunities and challenges presented by water management in the West. I am excited to be a partner in a company with such a strong business outlook and comprised of such a talented and hard-working team.” 

“We are excited to recognize the tremendous value that Brett provides to our clients,” says WestWater Research CEO Clay Landry.  “Brett embodies the qualities of outstanding client service, integrity, skill, and work ethic that differentiate WestWater from other firms. His background in water resources engineering along with his water rights knowledge is a great asset to the team. We are very fortunate to have him as a partner.” 


Brett can be reached at WestWater’s Fort Collins office. 

(970) 672-1811 

205 South Meldrum St.,  

Fort Collins, CO 80521