February 16, 2021

WEBINAR – California Ag Land and Water Market Outlook: The Decade Ahead

Join us on March 3rd at Noon (Pacific Time) for a conversation with some of the state’s foremost farmland and water experts to hear their perspectives on navigating the changing agricultural real estate, regulatory, and water market landscapes in the decade ahead.

The next ten years bear unique challenges and opportunities for water supply management in California’s agricultural heartland. As local agencies begin to implement the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) across the Central Valley and growers continue to manage their water risks through the natural cycles of drought and flood, new realities and approaches are shifting how landowners optimize, invest in, and manage some of the state’s most valuable farmland.

Agriculture in California is big business, producing one-third of the vegetables and two-thirds of the fruit and nuts grown in the entire country. Water supply availability is foundational to this production, as well as farmland value. As demand grows for this increasingly scarce liquid asset, landowners are planning ahead by adjusting on-farm irrigation practices, transitioning crop types, developing local groundwater trading programs, and participating the broader surface water market.

Sharing their thoughts on what lies ahead and new ways to manage farmland water risk are Marc Schuil of Schuil & Associates and Matt Payne of WestWater Research. The conversation will be hosted by Bryce McAteer of WestWater Research. We look forward to having you join us for this vibrant discussion on the decade ahead!

This event has passed. A recording of the event can be found at the following link:

WATCH – California Ag Land and Water Market Outlook: The Decade Ahead (Recording)