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To save water in Texas, these nonprofits are paying farmers to leave it in reservoirs

As Texas faces an increasingly fraught environmental future from climate change, a new approach to conservation is growing. Drought conditions...

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Growing Water Demand, Drought and Increasing Water Development Costs

Why Texas Needs a More Robust Surface Water Market Outside of the Lower Rio Grande, the market for surface water...

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WestWater Welcomes Zach Bateski as Research Analyst in Fort Collins

Zach Bateski has joined WestWater as research analyst after serving as a 2022 summer associate. Zach recently graduated with a...

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WestWater’s Bryan David talks NQH2O with Jill Malandrino

WestWater Research Associate Bryan David joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq TradeTalks to discuss NQH20 – the Nasdaq Veles California Water...

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WEBINAR: California’s Water Market: Outlook and Innovations

WestWater’s Bryce McAteer and Bryan David join Nicholas Institute’s Lucas Stephens to talk about futures contracts and the California water...

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Lake Appreciation Month: Top 10 deepest lakes in the US

Can you name the deepest lake in the United States? We’ve counted down the deepest lakes as we celebrate Lake...

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WestWater welcomes Research Associate Brooke Shaw

Brooke Shaw has joined WestWater as a research associate, based in Sacramento, CA. She will assist with water rights transactions...

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How much water needs to be dedicated for a new home?

Ever wonder how much water needs to be dedicated for a new home? Walraven Ketellapper of Stillwater Resources talks about...

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