April 22, 2021

Water and Almonds: Market Insights on California’s Agricultural Power Duo

Join us on May 19th at Noon (Pacific Time) for a conversation with some of the state’s foremost almond and water supply experts as they discuss the influence of commodity and hydrologic conditions on pricing trends and market demand for California’s agricultural power duo – Almonds and Water.

2021 is the second year in another historically dry cycle. In the past, permanent crop growers have paid top dollar to acquire water in even the driest of years, but depressed commodity prices and aging orchards are weighing on this year’s water market dynamics.  So will current water and almond market conditions begin to reverse a decade-long streak of new plantings and increasing production? And where are nut prices headed after another record harvest? What are the impacts of SGMA and new regulations?

Sharing their thoughts on this season’s market dynamics and what lies ahead are Sarah Woolf of Water Wise and Michael Easterbrook of Stratamarkets. The conversation will be hosted by Matt Payne of WestWater Research. We look forward to having you join us for this vibrant discussion on California’s agricultural power duo!