June 30, 2023

WestWater Welcomes Summer Associates in California, Arizona and Colorado

WestWater is excited to announce our largest class of summer associates! These five talented individuals will spend three months in WestWater’s summer associate program, gaining direct experience in water market transactions and water resource finance and investments through challenging project-focused opportunities.

Ben Asperheim


Based in WestWater’s Sacramento, California office

Ben is a student at UC Santa Barbara where he is double majoring in economics and statistics and data science. Ben says his interest in water stems from its vital significance and ever-increasing relevance amidst the pressing challenges of climate change. “I’m very excited to work with various water experts at the company, and I’m looking forward to applying my skills learned in and outside of the classroom to assist the company in whatever way possible.”

Logan Barkley


Based in WestWater’s Phoenix, Arizona office

Logan graduated from Northern Arizona University Honors College in May with undergraduate degrees in Business Economics and Finance. Logan said his interest in water began when he was growing up in the desert and seeing it disappear from rivers, streams, and lakes. “Water is unique and complicated in its policy design, economics, and ecological implications. I am lucky to have the opportunity to learn more about each of these with WestWater Research.”

Riley Birkeland


Based in West Water’s Fort Collins, Colorado office

Riley will graduate with a B.S. in Agricultural Business with a minor in Economics from Colorado State University in the Spring of 2024. Riley said he’s been interested in resource management for a long time stemming from his background in ranching. “After arriving at Colorado State University, I was quickly educated in the necessity for resource management, specific to water and natural resources. WestWater’s expertise in Western water markets is an excellent opportunity for me to learn from the best in the industry. Water scarcity drives a lot of competition in the West, and being in a niche firm that has positioned themselves at the forefront of changing markets is extremely exciting. I cannot wait to learn from WestWater and employ their consulting to be a steward in water market efficiency.”

Colton Hansen


Based in WestWater’s Sacramento, California office

Colton recently graduated with a BBA in Finance from the University of San Diego Knauss School of Business. Colton said his interest in water and water markets stems from working in and around agriculture growing up. “I’ve always wanted to pursue a career around Finance in the Agricultural sector, and knowing my impact here can significantly help the community I grew up in makes it all that much more fulfilling.” One of Colton’s long-term goals is to develop more effective solutions for farmers to achieve their water needs, while also advancing long-term water storage solutions in California that have a positive or neutral impact on the environment.

Helena Holmberg


Based in WestWater’s Sacramento, California office

Helena will graduate from UC Davis in 2024 with a B.S. in Managerial Economics with an emphasis in Natural Resources and the Environment. Helena said she gained interest in California’s water market when she took courses in environmental law and natural resource economics. “Water is a vital resource to California especially given its scarcity in the state. I am excited to have the opportunity at WestWater to gain insight into how water markets operate across the West and learn about how WestWater supports market research to assist in more efficient transactions of water rights.”